• EMS Paramedic Transcription

    Why shouldn’t paramedics take a tip from doctors and dictate their narratives to a transcription service?

    It isn’t just about saving paramedics time, though that can be significant. It’s also about improving the quality of the documentation. Versio understands the substantial impact that patient care reports have on continuity of patient care, liability protection, billing and reimbursement, treatment protocol documentation, QA/QI, and the professional image of your department. Written poorly, they can do more harm than good!

    “EMS leaders consistently identify documentation as one of their biggest ongoing challenges regarding their workforce,”
                       -Doug Wolfberg of Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth, a national EMS law firm

    “Everywhere we go, EMS leaders tell us of their concern about the quality of EMS documentation—it’s just not as good as it needs to be. It’s by far the number one concern of EMS leaders—and rightly so.” 
                        -Steve Wirth, Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth

    Our clients say it best! An EMS Chief gives his “unequivocal endorsement” of Versio.

    Versio is the industry leader in transcription for EMS agencies, and we have been providing paramedic transcription service since 2010. Versio’s transcription team serves as a first level of QA on PCRs. As we are transcribing the dictated narrative, not only do we ensure the spelling and grammar are excellent, but we also look for potential discrepancies in the content itself.
        -Is there enough detail to support medical necessity for transport?
        -Did you list the treatments but not the response to the treatment?
        -Did the patient have head trauma but you neglected to include a head exam in your assessment?
        -Did you say milligrams for that fentanyl dose when it should be micrograms?
    -Is your Refusal detailed enough to protect the department should there be any litigation?

    By flagging these types of issues for the paramedic’s attention before the PCR is signed off, we can give the paramedic the opportunity to address them before the PCR is sent to the hospital, billing company, or primary care physician. Our clients don’t have to wait for days or weeks to correct errors, trying to rely on their memory for the critical details.

    As an added bonus, our clients also rave about the morale boost that transcription provides, which helps with recruitment and retention.

    EMS agencies use professional firms for their billing, training, equipment maintenance, EHR, and more. It only makes sense to take this same approach to ensuring the quality of their prehospital documentation.



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