No Data Left Behind

Historical patient records stored in your current system are valuable assets critical for seamless continuity of care as you transition to a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Versio’s data translation solution combines the power of proven technology with skilled human labor to produce unmatched results:  99.8% accuracy with no data left behind!

Automated data conversion alone is not enough! It can leave up to 60% of data behind and doesn’t meet the strict quality standards for medical records. Our medical data translators verify each data point, one patient at a time, resolving exceptions and inaccuracies, resulting in nearly perfect records.

With Versio, you can rest assured your project will stay on schedule and on budget. We typically save our clients 50% to 75% over other methods. 

No Data Left Behind

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Your patients deserve the most complete and accurate records possible. Only Versio ensures ALL your data is moved with 99.8% quality!

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Why Translation? 

Versio combines the efficiency of intelligent automation with the accuracy of skilled medical translators to provide clinical level quality that your charts require.

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Meaningful Use

We can help you achieve Meaningful Use by ensuring patient historical data is included in their new electronic records as structured data—not just PDF attachments.

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About Versio

We work with many of the leading EHR systems including Epic, Cerner, NextGen, McKesson Practice Partner, GE Centricity, and eClinical Works.

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