• Nov 21

    Versio Staff

    Versio Announces Complimentary CIO Webinar

    by  Versio Staff

    The complexities and sheer volume of clinical data residing in older EHR systems and paper records make the task of accurately migrating the patient file into discrete fields within a new system incredibly difficult.

    Attendees of the Webinar will gain insights on:

    • Why you should move your historical data (and what happens if you don’t)
    • Solving your concerns of lost or inconsistent data
    • Moving key clinical data accurately for patient safety and continuum of care
    • How to get 100% of your legacy data moved to your new EHR

    Stories are emerging about errors in medical records when organizations make the transition to a new EHR where there is the opportunity for patient information to “go bad” during the transition. Caregivers need accurate information to make life-saving decisions and the reality is the traditional data migration methods being deployed are considered successful if just 80% of the original data is captured. To miss any critical information is unacceptable when patient lives are involved.

    Traditional data migration methods can’t meet the quality standards required for clinical decision-making, and this Webinar will present a better way. Interested people can register for the Webinar at https://myversio.com/form/complimentary-live-webinar.

    About Versio: The Renton, WA, firm has been at the forefront of quality healthcare documentation since it was established as ScribeRight Transcription Agency in 2000, and it continues to meet the dynamic needs of the industry today. The company has adopted the new name Versio to reflect the company’s expanded service offerings. Medical data are full of inconsistencies that make it hard for conventional technology to convert it accurately. The Versio program utilizes a unique suite of technologies and processes, combined with detailed human review in the form of knowledgeable and experienced medical data translation specialists. This hybrid approach forms an extra layer of quality control, providing clients with results that are unmatched in the industry. The process can also be applied to paper medical records.

    For more information regarding Versio’s solutions, visit their website at www.MyVersio.com . Interactive links will allow you to contact the company for more information or to request a demonstration of Versio’s industry-leading solutions.

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