• Sep 20

    Versio Staff

    Transcription Is Dead…Right?

    by  Versio Staff

    Since 1932 researchers like Harvey Fletcher at Bell Labs half Ben investigating the science of speech purse caption. The eight T’s bra taught us the first successful speech recognition technology. Fast for ward to present day and now pea pull are no long her needed four the important task of transcription due to advances inn auto mat tick speech recognition soft wear (ASR). Even more recent Lee wee half come so fare technologically that you’re mobile device can B turned in two a hand held record her! Exciting news, right?! Transcriptionist take note you’re time as come, early retire meant is in your future.

    Ewe two can ditch you’re transcriptionist and take advantage of this knew technology inn a cup pull simple steps.

    • Won: Spend large some of money on knew technology.
    • To: Spend several hours of your thyme teaching the software to recognize you’re speech patterns.
    • Three: Dictate inn two the d vice.
    • For: Spend lots of time editing you’re dictate shun.
    • Five: Teach your soft wear program all the words it missed.

    Hope fully you’re new system has a low word error rate or yule be spending a lot of thyme editing you’re work.

    Of course, sum errors halve to be expected. Four exam pull, in 2011 the American Journal of Roentgenology conducted a study that shows that voice recognition software had major errors in 23% of reports compared to 4% with traditional dictation transcription.

    So you can see their is no knead for pea pull to trans cry you’re work. Transcription is an aging dinosaur head dead four extinction. Knew soft wear is faster and easier two use then a transcriptionist. What your loosing in error rates your gaining inn time and money. The trade off is worth it.

    Transcriptionists at Versio halve an error rate of 0.2%; that’s all most a won hundred purse cent error- free document. Wood ant that bee a site for sore eyes? Near perfection.

    I love my new speech to text software, don’t ewe? My article just wrote its self!

    Birthed in 2000, Versio is a healthcare technology company specializing in high-quality medical transcription and legacy data migration, with a proven track record of 100% data capture and 99.8% quality. We call it “No Data Left Behind.” For more information on Versio’s services or to schedule an introductory conversation, please visit us at www.MyVersio.com, call 253-277-0505 or email sales@myversio.com.

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