• May 27

    Versio Staff

    The ROI of Quality Data

    by  Versio Staff

    However, institutions should also realize the monetary benefit that quality data can provide.

    The Clinical Visit is More Productive

    A positive outcome from successful patient and clinician interaction is priceless. An integral component in facilitating this is quality patient clinical data.

    In assessing a patient and providing appropriate treatment, it is critical that a clinician has access to patient clinical data that accurately captures the requisite information to make informed decisions and limit potential mistakes.

    The ability to rely on accurate and readily accessible patient clinical data allows for a clinician to dedicate interpersonal 'face time,' conduct enhanced interviews, and where applicable, gather wellness metrics during the patient visit.

    All of these factors contribute to augmentation of the clinical visit, providing value that would be otherwise unrealized.

    Preventing Lawsuits and Data Archiving Reduce Costs

    Quality patient clinical data can limit institutional exposure and risk from patient care and treatment errors. Accuracy of the data enables both the clinician efficiencies and assessment precision noted above, while maintaining a sharp focus on the ultimate goal of patient safety.

    There is also value in maintaining only active patient clinical data, while being able to archive data not identified as such. The cost of storage and accessibility of patient clinical data is mitigated when an institution is able to successfully apply business rules to differentiate between an active and an inactive data set.

    Data Governance Implementation is Simplified

    Whether an institution adopts and/or utilizes a data governance implementation, the rules, guidelines, and decision making around the provision, access, and use of quality patient clinical data can generally lend themselves to a data governance model.

    Bootstrapping this nascent model can provide a foundation for an institution's formal adoption of a data governance methodology or further efforts to move towards a more mature implementation.

    These considerations highlight some of the benefits quality patient clinical data can deliver and provide perspective by which an institution can apply its cost.

    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated. Versio has a proven track record of these kinds of results, which are nearly impossible to attain through traditional migration methods.

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