• Jan 06

    Versio Staff

    The Prediction Edition

    by  Versio Staff

    As part of preparation and planning for 2015, most organizations to one level or another pull out their crystal ball and make plans for the next year’s activities based on what they think might happen and known historical patterns. I took some time in recent weeks reflecting on the year that closed out as well. So, as we head into 2015 I am reminded of where we thought things might be moving in 2014, and it changes my outlook for the coming year.

    My first missed prediction from 2014 was the idea that the EHRs and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) would finally start to bring together all of the sources of medical charts into one central repository. The number of distinct HIEs grows daily, making the problem bigger and more complicated, and the data even more fragmented. With no continuity, this will likely just get worse in 2015.

    The second missed outlook of 2014 was the idea that with all of the EHR consolidation occurring within the industry and Meaningful Use 2 rules, the count of distinct EHRs out there would finally start to reduce. The number has grown to over 700 products. I am predicting that this will start to level off in 2015, but the number of big players out there will start to grow.

    We have some major technology companies moving towards the medical data space: Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, just to name a few, and with those types of movements, comes innovation and research. Eventually a newer, cloud based EHR provider with its eye toward integration may become the next big player, but I think that is not going to be in 2015. In the meantime, expect the proliferation of data, standards and solutions to continue, just at a slower rate.

    I look forward to the future in this rapidly advancing industry of technology and healthcare. Being a part of Team Versio allows me to monitor and be a part of healthcare technology and how it has a far reaching effect from large corporations all the way down to the everyday patients.

    Versio will continue to be at the forefront of data migration with an unprecedented standard of 100% data capture, 100% up to date programs and 99.8% percent accuracy.

    Thom Steinert is Director of Technology Services at Versio, a healthcare technology company specializing in legacy data migration, with a proven track record of 100% data capture and 99.8% quality. We call it “No Data Left Behind.” For more information on Versio’s services or to schedule an introductory conversation, please visit us at www.MyVersio.com or email sales@myversio.com.

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