• Legal/ Law Enforcement Transcription

    Accurate, Reliable Transcription Services

    Budget cutbacks spread your staff resources thin. Take advantage of Versio’s as-needed transcription services to ensure you have accurate, timely transcripts without a drain on your internal staff. With a secure, Web-based platform and turnaround times as little as 12 hours, Versio provides what you need when you need it, so your staff can focus on their core responsibilities.

    100% U.S. Staff

    All of our work is performed in the United States by highly trained English-speaking transcriptionists. Our transcriptionists are grammar and spelling experts who naturally understand American slang, cultural references, and regional accents. Keeping your work within the country provides a higher level of security and accuracy than utilizing offshore labor.

    Court reporters are an expensive option for many transcripts that do not require court reporter certification. Versio can transcribe these documents cost-effectively:  

    • Hearings, interviews, statements, etc.
    • Correspondence
    • Law enforcement reports
    • Investigations (including private investigations)
    • Phone call recordings (including phone hearings)


    Health Record Error: a personal account of a near-miss - What can you, as a healthcare consumer, do to ensure your health records and those of your family are correct?

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    Case Studies

    Every group should be this excited at Go-Live! Jamestown Epic Go-Live... - Jamestown's advanced planning and ability to execute on that plan helped in turning an event typically met by anxiety into one of enthusiasm.

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    Industry Information

    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated.

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