• General Transcription

    General Transcription by an All-U.S. Staff

    Versio – Because Time is Money

    You have better things to do with your time than type, format, and run spell checks. Why not outsource this drudgery to Versio? Our talented Transcription Team can quickly turn your recordings into accurate, professional electronic documents for a variety of uses.

    All of our work is performed in the United States by English-speaking transcriptionists who are experts in grammar and spelling. They understand American slang, cultural references, and regional accents. Keeping your work within the country also provides a higher level of security than utilizing offshore labor.

    • Business Documents – Beautifully formatted and edited letters, reports, and presentations that portray a professional image. We also transcribe meetings, conference calls, interviews, counseling sessions, and more, so you don’t have to use your staff’s time and labor.
    • Seminars – Recorded sessions are transcribed into distribution-ready documents that attendees can use for future reference. Event coordinators can create an additional revenue stream by offering these transcripts for sale after the event. Note: we recommend creating a video/DVD of meetings with a large numbers of speakers so that they are all properly identified in the transcript.
    • Interviews – We transcribe job interviews, academic and research interviews, interviews with media personalities, legal interviews, and more.
    • Lectures, Speeches & Sermons – Transcripts of lectures and sermons can be used to create a library or to aid the disabled or those who couldn’t attend in person.
    • Historical Records/Memoirs – Document narrations of family histories and other critical events. This is especially useful for those who are uncomfortable with or unable to use computers to type. Our Web-based platform is a secure way to make these memories available to other family members!
    • Video Recordings – A transcript of a video recording can be an invaluable tool when editing. Use a time stamped transcript to pinpoint the portion of the recording that you need to save time and money.
    • Text-to-Text – Do you have piles of old paper documents, manuals, or records that you wish were in electronic format? Let us transform them into editable documents that can be distributed, stored, and re-used more easily.
    • Document/Manuscript Proofreading – Let us polish your article, blog post, or book. We’ll improve its grammar and formatting as well as add headers, footers, and other finishing touches.


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    Industry Information

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