• Migrate Historical Patient Data

    Why Migrate Historical Data?

    Your organization may have thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of patients who count on you for quality care. Their care has been documented in your current record system with painstaking effort and at great cost. That data is not only a valuable asset but is also essential to providing quality health care.

    Now that you’re moving to a new EHR, you may wonder if you’ll be able to bring that data with you. Your EHR vendor may tell you not to migrate your data, but don’t make this mistake! That historical data is vital for continuity of care in your new system. The patient’s health story is an important one, and it deserves to be told well. This means not leaving critical pieces of that story behind in your old system.

    You may be told the following:

    1. Data won’t be discrete.
    2. It’s “too risky” due to loss of data and quality during migration.
    3. It’s too expensive.
    4. It takes too long, putting go-live dates at risk.
    5. You can’t keep records up to date during the migration.

    These problems were real risks with traditional migration methods, but Versio’s solution overcomes all of them.

    By making sure that your data is accurate, complete, and fully usable in your new EHR, you will reap a huge return of increased efficiency, cost savings, patient safety and physician satisfaction.

    Read more about the ROI you can achieve with our data translation service.



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