• The ROI of data translation/data conversion

    What’s the ROI

    Your organization has a lot to gain from full data conversion, including the following:

    1. Greater operational efficiency:  With all the information in one place, care providers can work more quickly and accurately, saving you time, money, and headaches!
    2. Faster physician adoption.
    3. Meet Meaningful Use requirements faster. 
    4. Enable full EHR functionality, such as drug contraindication alerts and computer-assisted coding.
    5. Allow for more comprehensive data analytics with aggregated data. 
    6. Better provider quality of life and enhanced patient experience.

    Versio data translation provides all of these advantages at less than the cost of one or two typical transcriptions!



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    Industry Information

    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated.

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