• The Human Factor

    Our Experienced Translation and Transcription Team Make the Difference!

    Versio was founded in the Seattle area, where we live and breathe technology, but we know that even the most sophisticated programming cannot replace the human mind or predict all  the variations that occur in medical documentation. Versio’s strength lies in combining smart technology with even smarter human beings who can interpret data and “re-program” on the fly.

    Providing a human touch on each patient record has enabled us to achieve a superior level of quality. Our experienced translators review every data element being migrated and resolve any exceptions, resulting in nearly 100% accurate final patient records that are ready for provider use on go-live day.

    Versio’s Transcription Team keeps the quality bar high by utilizing skilled human transcriptionists rather than voice recognition software to record patient data. All of our transcriptionists live and work in the United States and are fluent in English. As with our translation processes, we employ strict QA practices, consistently achieving over 99% quality.

    Both patients and providers benefit greatly from Versio’s “human factor” approach to documentation, and they can feel secure knowing that their records are complete and up to date. Healthcare providers can concentrate on patient care from day one of a new EHR implementation instead of struggling to locate lost data. Our transcription services, used in conjunction with our data translation services, help maintain the completeness and accuracy of your records as you move forward with your new system.



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    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated.

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