• Data Integrity/QA

    Confirming the Accuracy of EHR Data Migration Through Quality Control

    There’s a lot of buzz in the healthcare industry about data quality, governance, and integrity, and with good reason. As we transition from individual, physician-owned charts to shared patient records, any error in documentation can have a ripple effect across multiple organizations. In addition, important EHR safety features like drug interaction checks depend on quality information. It’s more important than ever that each person handling a chart is committed to accuracy and completeness.

    As you move to a new EHR system, our Translation Team’s goal is to ensure you don’t lose the information you carefully recorded. Versio’s commitment is clear: “No data left behind.”

    Our stringent QA processes maintain data integrity at every stage of the migration process. Our technical QA experts focus on quality from the initial look at your source data all the way through to the population of the target EHR. Multiple checks along the way verify compliance with business rules and exception resolution. We work closely with you to reach the ultimate goal of having accurate, complete and usable records for each and every patient on go-live day.

    Transcriptions of the Highest Quality

    Our Transcription Team is also dedicated to quality and can work with you before, during, and after a data translation project. With a client retention rate of nearly 100% since 2000, our Transcription Team has a proven track record of meeting the high expectations for quality that the healthcare industry demands. Read more about our transcription services.



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    Industry Information

    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated.

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