• Medical Data Translation

    Versio provides an end-to-end solution as we translate and combine historical patient information from any source into an accurate record for your EHR. The Versio method results in patient records that are 100% complete with near-perfect accuracy – results unheard Learn More


    Versio Transcription offers a wide variety of transcription solutions for the one-time customer or for clients who need us on a daily basis. We have been serving the healthcare industry since 2000, with clients all across the United States. Our Learn More

    EMS Paramedic Transcription

    Why shouldn’t paramedics take a tip from doctors and dictate their narratives to a transcription service? It isn’t just about saving paramedics time, though that can be significant. It’s also about improving the quality of the documentation. Versio understands the Learn More



    Health Record Error: a personal account of a near-miss - What can you, as a healthcare consumer, do to ensure your health records and those of your family are correct?

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    Case Studies

    Every group should be this excited at Go-Live! Jamestown Epic Go-Live... - Jamestown's advanced planning and ability to execute on that plan helped in turning an event typically met by anxiety into one of enthusiasm.

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    Industry Information

    The value of having all critical data available in the proper location within the new system, in discrete form with nearly perfect accuracy, cannot be understated.

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