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    “Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking.”

    -Fortune Magazine

    We want to hear from you!

    Versio recognizes the value of working together with strong partners to serve our mutual clients. We seek others in the healthcare industry with proven success in their fields who take a similar quality-driven approach to their crafts.

    We are interested in forming alliances that will provide significant benefits for both companies, but especially for the clients and their patients:

    *Consultants looking for the best solutions to support their clients’ EHR implementations

    * Industry partners providing other services to healthcare organizations, especially those related to EHR conversions (such as scanning, document management, warehousing, training, and even automated conversions)

    * EHR vendors who want to offer their clients a comprehensive package and a smoother transition.

    Benefit to you:

    • We make your job easier by providing a complete solution, not just a tool.
    • Versio enhances the value of your services with significant ROI for your clients.
    • We are happy to introduce quality partners to our clients for whom they are a good fit.

    Benefits to us:

    • We can be introduced by an existing service provider.
    • Clients will know about Versio early in their planning stages.
    • We can also serve our clients further by introducing them to other valuable services.

    Benefits to clients:

    • Capitalize on existing trusted relationships.
    • Quality results unmatched in the industry.
    • The best services without having to source vendors individually.

    By addressing stakeholders’ needs, Versio’s data translation solution results in a smoother EHR implementation with minimal impact on facility resources and greater end-user satisfaction. A seamless transition bolsters patient confidence in a healthcare institution and its ability to deliver quality care.

    To request more information about how we can serve our clients better together, Contact Us.

    We look forward to the conversation!

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