• Nov 25

    Versio Staff

    Inspiring Ways EMS Teams are Helping their Communities

    by  Versio Staff

    The theme of the conference was, “What is the Future of Mobile Integrated Healthcare.” The day-and-a-half conference was held to address critical issues regarding the integration of EMS into community healthcare programs.

    As we listened to the presentations, we were struck by the creative solutions to the challenges faced by these first responders. Compassion for the patient and a strong desire to connect patients with healthcare resources within their communities drove many of these teams to develop “home-grown” solutions utilizing existing programs.

    Many times, patients are calling 911 when they don’t know where else to turn. Their condition may not be life-threatening, but they are unaware of alternatives. Unfortunately, when a team is dispatched to one of these scenes, they become unavailable to answer other calls – creating a situation where resources are spread too thin to best serve the patients.

    Of the several solutions presented; one solution is to staff the 911 lines with nurses who can assess whether the situation warrants an ambulance, treatment at an urgent care, or even if there is an in-home solution. Patients are asked about their transportation needs and often it is a matter of guiding them toward a solution more appropriate to their specific illness or injury.

    A second solution offered is to arrange for volunteers to visit the homes of those who frequently call emergency services. With the goal to assess if there might be assistance available from local agencies to help prevent smaller issues from becoming a crisis. One example given; volunteers visited an elderly couple that was struggling to stay together in their own home. One of them was frequently calling for help with her spouse who was in diminished health. After spending some time with the couple, the volunteer noticed a business card for a local visiting nurse program sitting next to the phone. Upon asking if they had called to inquire about the program, the response was, “I wanted to, but the print on the card was too small to read.” Needless to say, the volunteer was able to provide the connection with the visiting nurse and the couple’s calls to 911 all but disappeared in a short time.

    As the conference went on, teams attending actively engaged with questions and brainstormed solutions. The focus was all about how to make pre-hospital care better and fully utilize healthcare resources for the right reasons. We were inspired and honored to be sitting among these everyday heroes who work tirelessly to make life better for the people of their community. This conference solidified our resolve to provide our reporting solutions to more Emergency Medical Services teams empowering them to do what they do best. Why should they spend time typing up reports when they could be out in the field making a difference?

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