• Oct 30

    Versio Staff

    Every group should be this excited at Go-Live! Jamestown Epic Go-Live Success

    by  Versio Staff

    Smiling faces and an air of excitement. Reception and work areas festively decorated. Patients and visitors congenially received and directed with care, purpose, and confidence by clinicians and staff.

    This is what we witnessed when we joined our client, Jamestown Family Health Services (Jamestown) at their facilities in Sequim, WA, on their go-live day to Epic’s electronic health record system (EHR). Jamestown’s advanced planning and ability to execute on that plan helped in turning an event typically met by anxiety into one of enthusiasm.

    The Top Three

    “Three things had to go well: Data migration, billing, training,” Jamestown’s leadership noted. They knew these were key factors in the successful launch of their EHR, and they did go well. In fact, providers were back to previous patient loads in just five weeks!

    Handling of Legacy Data

    Jamestown recognized the importance of migrating their data from their legacy EHR to Epic in advance of the go-live. This immediately addressed the shortfalls and ramifications often endured by other institutions that choose not to migrate their legacy data: an incorrect or incomplete patient record, increased risk to patient safety, and severe degradation of clinician productivity and morale, to highlight a few.

    Implementation, Training, and Support

    With some well-planned moves, Jamestown was able to alleviate much of the typical on-boarding angst associated with an institution's adoption of a new EHR. This began with conducting a phased approach to the EHR implementation. Jamestown identified what was truly essential in serving their patients and focused on implementing only the basic features first.

    In conjunction with this, training for end users of the new EHR placed focus on work flows over functions. Instead of committing training cycles on the specific and detailed facets of Epic, Jamestown placed a premium on having their end users understand how the EHR helped in enabling their work flows.

    Lastly, nearby Olympic Medical Center was able to provide Jamestown with physicians for go-live support. With their own experience in going live and working daily with Epic's EHR, these physicians were able to supplement the EHR training with invaluable expertise and gained knowledge to aid their Jamestown counterparts in navigating this new system.

    Managing Patient Visits

    To maintain their high-level of quality care and ease the adoption of Epic by their clinicians, Jamestown purposefully cut down on scheduled workloads and set longer appointment times with their patients.

    Jamestown also took the strategy of not verifying all patient information at the time of appointment scheduling to assist in speeding up patient check-in. This verification was conducted on a follow-on basis, proving to be valuable process augmentation.

    The providers also met together for an end-of-day recap, taking the time to discuss what went well, lessons learned, and changes needed from the day's events.

    Tight-knit Group

    What struck us throughout our time at Jamestown was the cohesion of everyone involved and their ability to convey a positive attitude. A contest was held for best decorated workspaces, making for groups going all out in dressing up the facility and creating a fun atmosphere.

    More importantly, we were able to see this not just as an external artifice, but emblematic of the shared Jamestown mindset to promote success for their go-live by being accommodating–knowing that things will deviate from the plan and adjusting accordingly.

    We hope your team is just as prepared to go-live and has taken the necessary steps to execute with such precision and anticipation. It should be an exciting time! Your go-live day is not the end of the process; in fact, it’s just the beginning of the next phase in the evolution of your documentation.

    Versio is a healthcare technology company specializing in legacy data migration, with a proven track record of 100% data capture and >99% quality. We call it “No Data Left Behind.” For more information on Versio’s services or to schedule an introductory conversation, please visit us at www.MyVersio.com or email sales@myversio.com.

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