• Aug 25

    Versio Staff

    EMS Documentation Has Never Been Easier: South Metro Fire Authority Case Study

    by  Versio Staff

    The Problem

    • Paramedic/EMT reports need to be accurate and legible for patient safety
    • Quick turnaround time is critical – two hours or less
    • The EMS system needs to be HIPAA compliant and have secure backup
    • Lack of consistency in documentation standards
    • Too much paramedic time was being spent on reporting

    Versio’s Solution

    • Paramedics dictate their narrative report and Versio’s transcriptionists produce high-quality reports with consistent formatting that meets department standards.
    • Expert transcriptionists properly assemble the final report to meet department standards
    • Reports are completed and ready for review within two hours of transmission
    • Versio retains all voice files for audit trails and legal/HIPAA documentation
    • Completed reports are available for transmission to other providers

    The Results

    • Increased productivity – no forms to fill out manually or electronically
    • Clear, legible, consistent reports
    • Versio’s platform allows supervisors to audit reports before release to hospitals
    • Quicker transfer of care to hospital staff
    • Average 58-minute turnaround time allows paramedics to be available for the next call and get off shift on time.
    • Happier Employees – less paramedic burnout
    • Cost savings (utilizing resources more efficiently) Using transcription is now a requirement for all medics

    “I WOULD LIKE TO COMMEND Versio for their outstanding service. It has made my job easier to do. And if a problem arises they are very prompt, courteous, and proficient. It is a time saver for me.” Firefighter/Paramedic, South Metro Fire Authority

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