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    May 21

    Why would you leave your EHR legacy data migration in the hands of a team that has never done this before? read more

    May 08

    Versio by ScribeRight (Versio) announces their selection as the solution provider for legacy data migration in the deployment of the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system at UW Medicine. read more

    May 08

    The majority of us (more than 75%) have checked our credit report at least once. However, most of us have NOT checked the accuracy of our health records. What will patients be finding (or not finding) in their medical records when the portals become more commonly used? read more

    Apr 22

    Protecting PHI has become exceedingly complex as health systems convert from paper records to electronic. There are literally hundreds of ways patient information can be compromised. read more

    Apr 03

    According to industry experts, the primary reason physicians fail to adopt EHRs is the lack of relevant patient data and difficulty accessing or entering new information. This is a problem. read more

    Mar 20

    How will you handle data fallout resulting from data migration for your EHR? read more

    Mar 13

    March 2nd marked the beginning of the National Patient Safety Foundation's (NPSF's) "Patient Safety Awareness Week." The ECRI Institute reports the top 10 health technology hazards each year and EHRs have been listed due to "data Integrity failures." read more

    Dec 30

    On June 18, 2013 Versio by ScribeRight was honored by the Puget Sound Business Journal as the second-fastest growing company on the Eastside. The awards event honored 50 local companies, many of which are in the technology sector. read more