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    Aug 19

    An experienced project manager can be the "secret ingredient" in the successful outcome of a data migration project. read more

    Aug 15

    Healthcare data is unlike any other kind of data, and it requires near-perfect accuracy. Properly moving it from a legacy system to a new one is a daunting undertaking for any organization. read more

    Aug 08

    Migration of data from disparate sources – EHRs, paper charts, hybrids of both, etc. – requires a phased approach where consideration of the data must occur during each phase. read more

    Jul 15

    To ensure a successful EHR rollout, it takes buy-in from all stakeholders. Managing the expectations of users and decision-makers is crucial so here are some points to consider. read more

    Jul 03

    Every patient deserves to have a perfect medical record, yet medical records are full of inconsistencies. If you plan to migrate legacy data into your new EHR with your in-house resources, it's harder than you think. Be prepared to spend time establishing the rules before you start. read more

    Jun 24

    In late May, the story broke of a $31 million Cerner rollout at Athens Regional Health System in Georgia that didn't go as planned. read more

    Jun 17

    Populating the new EHR with the clinical data that is so critical for quality patient care is often not addressed until later in the project when someone (usually a doctor) asks, "So how is my patient's health data going to get into the new system?" read more

    Jun 09

    Everyone wants and expects quality services no matter what the industry. When it comes to healthcare documentation the bar is even higher. The question is: are we reaching it? read more

    Jun 02

    What is Data Governance? You can go to ten different sources and get ten different answers. read more

    May 27

    When undertaking a data migration initiative, an institution must consider the cost benefit associated with ensuring a high-level of quality patient clinical data. Given limited budgets, resources, time, and expertise, this may steer a decision maker's conclusion for this level of effort as too costly. read more