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    Case Study: North Basin (Community Connect)

    by  Versio Staff

    Versio Case Study:  North Basin (Community Connect)

    Timely, Accurate Migration Allows Community Connect Partner to Maintain Operational Efficiency

    The Problem

    • Busy clinic network on Allscripts EHR was joining large healthcare organization on Epic EHR as a Community Connect partner.
    • Needed to migrate clinical data for approximately 10,000 active patients.
    • Budgetary restrictions necessitated focusing migration on the most active patients.
    • Providers see 40+ patients daily, so it was critical to maintain post-go-live productivity.
    • Nearly perfect accuracy required.
    • Highly inconsistent source data, making it extremely difficult to attain high accuracy rates with automated conversion
    • Scope included 6 data sets (medications, problems, allergies, vital signs, immunizations, and observations).
    • Very short lead time; migration started just 4 days prior to Go-Live.

    Versio’s Solution

    • Versio worked quickly to accommodate the aggressive project schedule.
    • Consulted with clinical decision makers to determine what data was most important to migrate.
    • Collaborated with client’s team and provided recommendations to create detailed rules to ensure consistency of migrated data.
    • Utilized a customized setup of Versio’s robust migration platform to efficiently manage workflow.
    • Worked in tandem with client’s internal teams to keep MPI reconciliation in sync.
    • Manually reviewed every data point and made the appropriate selections in Epic, resolving all exceptions while simultaneously reconciling the legacy data against preexisting data in Epic.
    • Used proprietary tools to prioritize charts according to daily appointments and other client criteria, such as pediatric patients. Walk-in and same-day appointments migrated stat.
    • Employed rigorous quality control throughout the project.
    • When target number of charts was completed, trained client staff to assume migration tasks using the same rules to ensure consistency.

    The Results

    • Every milestone, including Go-Live, on schedule.
    • Over 99% accuracy against source data.Project completed within budget.
    • Migration stayed ahead of appointments, even for walk-in and same-day appointments.
    • Data for priority patients was ready for providers, enhancing post-Go-Live productivity.
    • Providers were able to spend time focusing on patients rather than entering historical data into Epic.
    • Very positive client feedback on Versio’s service and results.

    “Versio was awesome, easy to work with. We were a bit nervous that some data wouldn’t be there, but Versio came through on their promises. They were always prepared and brought suggestions and plans that made our decision-making process easier.”

    “At go-live, everyone was on “high alert,” and having the data prepopulated relieved some anxiety because it gave us a good starting point. It would have pushed our “hysterical meter” over the top to have to do this internally or go live without moving this data. If I had it to do over, I would surely use Versio again, and would certainly recommend them to other Community Connect clients.” Gabrielle Chain, Clinic Manager

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