• Sep 20

    Since 1932 researchers like Harvey Fletcher at Bell Labs half Ben investigating the science of speech purse caption. The eight T’s bra taught us the first successful speech recognition technology. Fast for ward to present day and now pea pull Learn More

    Jul 26

    Versio Case Study:  North Basin (Community Connect) Timely, Accurate Migration Allows Community Connect Partner to Maintain Operational Efficiency The Problem Busy clinic network on Allscripts EHR was joining large healthcare organization on Epic EHR as a Community Connect partner. Needed Learn More

    Jul 21

    Versio Case Study: Pacific Heart Institute & Services Migration of Legacy Data Helps Ease EHR Transition after Acquisition The Problem Busy Cardiology clinic on Allscripts EHR was acquired by a large healthcare organization on an Epic EHR. Needed to migrate Learn More

    Mar 10

    Versio by ScribeRight is celebrating 15 years of supporting healthcare. Established as ScribeRight Transcription Agency in 2000 with a vision for supporting accurate healthcare records for tomorrow, the company has grown substantially since its infancy. In 2011, the Renton company Learn More

    Feb 04

    Healthcare organizations struggle constantly with budget decisions. How they spend their money can have a critical impact on their operations and on patient care. But what if something they decided not to spend money on could cost them a bundle? Learn More

    Jan 27

    Where’s the Outrage? | Versio by ScribeRight “Deaths by medical mistakes hit records” – that subject line in my crowded inbox grabbed my attention. Whether it was disbelief or morbid curiosity I had to look. Here is what I found: Learn More

    Jan 06

    As part of preparation and planning for 2015, most organizations to one level or another pull out their crystal ball and make plans for the next year’s activities based on what they think might happen and known historical patterns. I Learn More

    Dec 02

    On November 12-14th, 2014, Versio conducted its annual Summit. They flew in the remote team that spans across the country and spent those three days reflecting on the past year, creating new goals for next year and collaborating on pending projects. read more

    Nov 25

    Recently, some Versio team members, attended the Washington Community Paramedic Conference held on November 4th and 5th in SeaTac, WA. Our goal was to gain more insight on the many challenges facing EMS teams today and learn how we might find new ways to help streamline their reporting needs. What we came away with was much more. read more

    Nov 21

    "Save Time, Money and Lives with Quality Data Migration," is the title of the complimentary Webinar to be presented by Versio by ScribeRight (Versio) on December 4, 2014. The Webinar will address one of the biggest concerns faced by a healthcare system or physician practice when they implement a new Electronic Health Record (EHR): how to populate the new EHR with historical patient data. read more