• Unwavering Commitment to Quality

    Our founding principles continue to guide us today. A primary goal is our unwavering commitment to the quality of patient records. It is the “why” that drives us and the thread connecting everything we do. We invest heavily in our quality assurance (QA) people and processes, ensuring that your data is as clean, complete, and accurate as possible. Quality matters to us because those records represent people: fellow citizens, neighbors, and even our own friends and families!

    Without this level of dedication, Versio would not have been able to break the paradigms of traditional data conversion methods. Our medical data translation system combines the power of proven technology with skilled human labor to produce nearly perfect quality, both efficiently and cost-effectively. No other method on the market can come close to the results offered by the Versio system!

    Data Integrity/QA

    As you move to a new EHR system, our Translation Team's goal is to ensure you don't lose the information you carefully recorded.

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    Data Translation vs Data Migration

    Versio's proven system combines the efficiency of intelligent automation with the accuracy of skilled human translators to produce unmatched results: 99.8% accuracy with no data left behind!

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