• At the Forefront of Medical Documentation

    At the Forefront of Medical Documentation Since 2000

    Serving Healthcare Organizations Throughout the United States

    Versio was birthed in 2000 as a medical transcription company under the name ScribeRight Transcription Agency. Built on the cornerstones of accuracy, innovation, and superior client support, Versio has grown primarily through endorsements from happy clients. We have a client retention rate of nearly 100% and the majority of our new clients still come to us via word of mouth. We serve healthcare organizations across the country, and all of our work is done in the United States.

    Versio has kept pace with changing documentation needs in health care. As the medical industry began the transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR), we recognized clients would need to migrate their historical data. The options available at the time for data migration didn’t meet the strict quality standards for healthcare data……so we built a solution that did!

    The Versio data translation process combines data from one or multiple systems (paper or electronic) and delivers it as discrete data in the appropriate fields within the target EHR. This is critical to full functioning of the EHR, as it eliminates the need for providers to open multiple attached documents to read a patient’s history. More importantly, all the data is there, with an accuracy rate of 99.8% or higher!

    As the healthcare industry continues to experience sweeping changes, Versio will be there to support you. We understand the challenges you face, and we’re always looking for the next problem to solve. Our mission is to be a resource for you, not just a tool, to help you meet the evolving needs of patients and the industry as a whole.

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    Data Integrity/QA

    As you move to a new EHR system, our Translation Team's goal is to ensure you don't lose the information you carefully recorded.

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    Data Translation vs Data Migration

    Versio's proven system combines the efficiency of intelligent automation with the accuracy of skilled human translators to produce unmatched results: 99.8% accuracy with no data left behind!

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