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    Versio Staff

    8 Days After Go-Live My Staff Was Ready to Quit

    by  Versio Staff

    The call came to our office in mid-January. It was the CIO of a hospital we had been trying to make contact with since the previous summer and now he was calling back. In the past several months, we had tried to speak with the leadership about data migration services for their upcoming EHR implementation, but they did not feel there was a need. Until they went live, then it became a completely different story.

    The CIO (we’ll call him Steve) was asking for our help to get him out of a bad situation. They had gone live 8 days prior, and “I’m in the middle of a revolution,” was how he phrased it. The clinicians were knocking on his office door asking where the patient data was and the support staff was ready to quit due to long hours of trying to keep pace with a “just-in-time” migration plan designed to only prepopulate the records of patients with upcoming scheduled appointments.

    The staff charged with the data input from their legacy system was largely comprised of assistants and staff from within the various clinics and departments. Normally, they have pretty full days, although the clinics were scheduled to operate at 2/3 of their normal volume, it was obvious they were becoming quickly overwhelmed. “I had no idea how massive the data really is,” Steve told me.

    As I spoke with Steve, he revealed some additional, very worrisome concerns. Not only was the staff experiencing burnout, but their data entries were inconsistent. When confronted with multiple choices for a medication, for example, there was no guidance available to help them make the appropriate decision. So each individual took their best guess based on their clinical experience. The problem with this lack of standardization is that not only can it can lead to considerable confusion down the road, if the choice is incorrect, that error could result in patient harm.

    The good news is that this story has a happy ending – but it did not come easily. Team Versio jumped in with both feet and quickly developed a customized solution. An “all hands on deck” approach moved the needed data and we continue to contribute to the project success by transcribing patient intake forms into the records post-appointment. The clinicians are happy, the staff is happy, and the CIO is relieved. In fact, Steve told our CEO that “if you have a client that thinks they don’t need to move their data prior to go-live, you just tell them to call me.”

    Lessons Learned: DO NOT attempt to go live without complete and accurate clinical data in the new EHR. Just-in-time migration will not turn out well unless there is an experienced team dedicated solely to planning and execution. Versio’s services include pre-implementation planning with a team of experts and a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the results needed for clinical decision-making and the best outcomes for the patient.

    Clinical data are full of inconsistencies and typical migration methods don’t capture all the data, nor can they translate it accurately. Versio has found a better way. Please consider a short conversation and a demonstration of our unique process. This will be time well spent and ultimately a huge benefit to your staff, your physicians, and the patients you serve. Contact us: sales@myversio.com or 253-277-0505

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