• September 2014

    Sep 30

    Patient clinical data is unlike any other kind of data, for many reasons. It's massive. It requires near-perfect accuracy. It's also extremely complex, especially when you are not just migrating, but also converting from one system "language" to another. read more

    Sep 23

    TRANSCRIPTIONIST Noun; /tran-skrip'shun-ist/: A quick-fingered specialist who can decipher a dictator speaking at warp speed on a cell phone while eating chips in a heavily populated office that is being vacuumed. read more

    Sep 16

    What can you, as a healthcare consumer, do to ensure your health records and those of your family are correct? read more

    Sep 09

    They had gone live 8 days prior, and "I'm in the middle of a revolution," was how he phrased it. The clinicians were knocking on his office door asking where the patient data was and the support staff was ready to quit. read more

    Sep 02

    After many months of preparation and untold dollars spent, at the point of launch things went, um ……well, let's say things went sideways, namely monitors. read more