• January 2014

    Jan 14

    The dilemma over what to do with the legacy patient data often becomes a point of contention with the key stakeholders in the project. Sometimes the opinions are so far apart there seems to be no common ground. read more

    Jan 10

    There are many measurements of success for an EHR implementation, but a primary one will be the physician adoption rate. Frustrations with the usefulness of the new EHR program will impact adoption and may cause some clinicians to abandon the new EHR altogether. read more

    Jan 07

    In general, hospitals and health systems can expect to spend 1% to 3% of their operating budget on EHR implementation. This represents a significant expenditure and the need to "get it right" becomes a priority. read more

    Jan 02

    When planning their EHR implementation, many organizations consider just-in-time chart updates as opposed to a larger scale data migration prior to go-live. read more