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    Versio Staff

    Transcription and Voice Recognition Technology Side-by-Side

    by  Versio Staff

    We recently came across a January 17, 2014 article from Waters Technology written by Anthony Makalian1. The article, titled “Compliance Officers, I Feel Your Transcription Pain” describes Makalian’s difficulty as a reporter with accurately transcribing interviews. He describes the length of time required for him to transcribe his own work, the resources he’s reviewed to provide transcription services to him, and some pretty negative feedback regarding his trials with voice recognition technology.

    Our CEO, Lisa Pike, felt compelled to respond to the article. Lisa founded ScribeRight Transcription Agency in 2000 when she realized that medical documentation was not being adequately supported with accurate, high-quality transcription services. ScribeRight has since rebranded itself as Versio by ScribeRight to reflect new service offerings for EHR data translation services.

    Here is Lisa’s response to Mr. Makalian’s article:

    “Hello, Mr. Malakian,

    Your article posted yesterday, Compliance Officers, I Feel Your Transcription Pain” struck a chord with me.

    Versio has provided transcription for the past 14 years, and we also do data translation (mainly focusing on converting and migrating patient data from legacy systems to new electronic health record systems). However, here I am emailing you because we are very familiar with the troubles you describe.

    Please allow me to give you some suggestions that might help, at least until voice recognition technology gets more sophisticated.

    1. As you know, the quality of the recording is critical. For interviews by phone, consider using Go To Meeting or other similar products. You can use just the audio portion without screen share. GTM has a recording feature, and we have found the sound quality to be much better than phone recording devices. One big problem with recording phone calls is that the source of the calls varies (land line, VOIP, cell, computer), so one speaker may be louder and/or clearer than the others. GTM recordings are more even.
    2. For recordings in person, For the Record software (http://www.fortherecord.com ) utilizes multiple microphones, and they each record on a separate track. When played back, you can see which track is playing, so the person transcribing can identify who is speaking. (Very important when there are many speakers.)

    This still leaves you with a good voice file but not a transcript. Some suggestions (assuming these meet your security requirements):

    1. You can try Freelancer (www.freelancer.com ), which is inexpensive, but you may not get the quality you want because much of the work is done overseas.
    2. Contact your local universities. Many times college students will take on transcription jobs for less than professional transcription services.
    3. If you run the audio through a VRT (like Dragon), you can still have students edit it if you send them both the voice and the draft.

      Your choices would depend on your tolerance level of turnaround time, accuracy, and hassle, but of course cost is a large consideration. You might consider what 90 minutes of your time is worth compared to what professional transcription services cost. Until VRT catches up with what the market demands, that might be the best option.”

    There is a great deal of evidence indicating that quality transcription services are not only here to stay, but will required even more to meet the needs of medical, legal, and business documentation.

    In the 14 years Versio by ScribeRight has been in business, we have maintained a nearly 100% client retention rate. Our retention rate is due in large part to our quality – maintained at or above 99%. Each transcriptionist is routinely subject to Quality Assurance checks. Contact us for more information regarding our transcription services and a short demonstration: sales@myversio.com or 253-277-0505. For additional information regarding our service lines, visit www.myversio.com


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