• Apr 27

    Versio Staff

    The Demonstrable Benefits of Versio EMS Transcription

    by  Versio Staff


    South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) has had a business partnership with Versio since 2010, and this relationship has continued and grown over the years. The Versio service is invaluable regarding patient care reporting and documentation. The benefit of dictation and transcription serves our paramedic providers, our patients, and the SMFR organization.

    The quality of our written documentation has improved dramatically since partnering with Versio. A SMFR tailored version of the DRAATT reporting format was instituted with the help of their principal and CEO, Lisa Pike. This format organized and standardized our reporting and when paired with Versio’s live transcription service, results in documentation that is clerically accurate, using proper terminology, syntax, spelling, and grammar. We also have Versio perform “upstream quality assurance” based on our clerical reporting criteria. This additional service point allows the author to edit their patient care report (PCR) prior to submission into our electronic health record system (EHR), thereby allowing SMFR’s clinical Quality Assurance process to focus on clinical context and directed patient care.

    A demonstrable benefit from using the Versio service regards billing and collection. We have had an improvement in collection rates since standardizing our reporting with Versio and have gone through a random Medicare audit with very positive outcomes. The majority of this is due to improved written documentation, and attributable in part to Versio’s dedication to their work product. An additional item to mention is in the medico-legal arena. Documentation can be the “make or break” component of legal actions brought against Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers. Having reliable and accurate patient care documentation is essential in this context. Versio again plays a part in protecting the patient, provider, and SMFR.

    The Versio service is also a measurable benefit to our providers. Use of dictation/transcription is mandatory at SMFR. This service allows our providers to concentrate on patient care, knowing Versio will assist with the written record for an accurate accounting of each patient contact. This support has evolved into a partnership between our providers and the Versio staff and cannot be underestimated.

    Although I have provided some of the benefits SMFR has seen using Versio, if you have any additional questions regarding SMFR’s experience their services, please feel free to contact me directly.


    Jodi Peterson
    EMS Clinical Services Director
    South Metro Fire Rescue, Centennial, Colorado

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