• Mar 20

    Versio Staff

    Shoving Bad Data Under the Rug

    by  Versio Staff

    Institutions migrating patient clinical data from one source to another typically run into the central issue: what to do with the data that does not map from the legacy system to the target system?

    More often than not, the answer is to only migrate the data that neatly fits the mapping criteria. Patient information not meeting that criteria or deemed as too complicated to convert in an automated fashion never make it to the target system.

    The ramifications can be several-fold:

    • Incomplete charts without all of the data do not provide an accurate (and at worst, deadly) representation of a patient's medical history or disposition
    • Clinicians are unaware they need to supplement for the missing data and unwittingly treat the patient chart as 'whole'
    • Clinicians knowing they need to supplement for the missing data, undergo the necessary inefficiencies of referencing the legacy system, conducting a comprehensive medical history with the patient, or both

    From a patient care and safety, clinician accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, and institutional exposure and risk perspective, making the choice of not migrating all of the patient's clinical data can be very impactful.

    At Versio, we believe that every patient deserves a complete and accurate health record. And as patient portals become more widespread, patient satisfaction will become an issue if great care is not taken to provide the complete and accurate patient story. Our motto is “No Data Left Behind” and we mean it.

    Please consider a short conversation and a demonstration of our unique process for 100% data capture with near-perfect accuracy. This will be time well spent and ultimately a huge benefit to your staff, your physicians, and the patients you serve. Contact us: sales@myversio.com or 253-277-0505

    For additional information regarding our service lines, visit www.myVersio.com

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