• May 08

    Versio Staff

    Check Your Credit Report, Check Your Health Records

    by  Versio Staff

    We check our credit records more often….

    Yahoo! Finance, using data from a survey by FindLaw.com, reports that close to one in four (22%) of Americans have never checked their credit report. Based on this survey, it appears that the majority of us have checked our credit report at least once.

    …than our health records!

    According to a recent article by ePatient Dave, a well-known patient engagement advocate, when he is invited to speak at conferences, he asks the audience if they had checked their own health record.

    Results from one such query:

    • 50 / 66 (76%) said no, they’d never looked. (Have you?)
    • Of the 16 who had looked: (31%) weren’t sure whether there were errors
    • Of the 11 who were sure: 7 found mistakes (64%)
    • 4 found the record was perfect (36%)

    He writes that since he first started asking he has seen the same results, statistically, every time.

    Many reports go on to give examples of medical record errors that go undetected for years. Such is the case illustrated in this Forbes article1:

    An intern recently presented a newly admitted patient on morning rounds, reporting that the patient was “status post BKA (below the knee amputation).” “How do you know?” the attending physician inquired. “It has been noted on each of the patient’s prior three discharge notes,” replied the intern, looking up from his computer screen. “Okay,” responded the attending physician. “Let’s go see the patient.”

    When the team arrived in the patient’s room, they made a surprising discovery. The patient had two feet and ten toes. Where did the history of BKA come from? It turned out that four hospitalizations ago, the voice recognition dictation system had misunderstood DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) as BKA, and none of the physicians who reviewed the chart had detected the error. It had now become a permanent part of the electronic medical record — as if written in stone.

    To meet Meaningful Use Stage 2, providers have to offer at least half of their Medicare populations online access to their own records. What will patients be finding (or not finding) in their medical records when the portals become more commonly used?

    At Versio, we believe that every patient deserves a complete and accurate health record. If your organization is considering a new EHR implementation, start the discussion of how to handle the legacy data right away. Versio can move patient records from any legacy system to any target system with near-perfect accuracy and 100% data capture.

    Please consider a short conversation and a demonstration of our unique process. This will be time well spent and ultimately a huge benefit to your staff, your physicians, and the patients you serve. Contact us: sales@myversio.com or 253-277-0505. For additional information regarding our service lines, visit www.myVersio.com

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